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Prejmer Cultural Tour

Prejmer Cultural Tour, a special tour

We invite you to explore the Prejmer Cultural Tour, which will reveal a great part of Prejmer’s history. Did you know that the Prejmer Fortress, which also houses the Evangelical Saxon Fortified Church in the village, also called the jewel of Transylvania, is one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe and the oldest historical monument in Brasov County? This tourist attraction is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the only place in Romania rated with three stars in the famous Michelin tourist guide.

What does the Prejmer Cultural Tour include?

Prejmer Cultural TourThis tour includes a visit to the Prejmer Fortified Church. The Prejmer Fortress is one of the most important medieval historical monuments in Transylvania. The erection of the church was started by the Odin of the Teutonic Knights in 1218. After the banishment of the Order by the Hungarian King Andrew II, the building of the church was continued in the early Burgundian Gothic style. Remarkably, there were two „school rooms”, which means that even in times of war the teaching process was not interrupted. The „Old School”, in which the children were taught during the sieges of Prejmer and in times of distress.

What else is there to explore in Prejmer?

There is also a nature reserve nearby. The forest and eutrophic swamp reserve of Prejmer is a protected area of the Brasov territory, which includes a forest ecosystem and another swamp ecosystem. We suggest that you come and feast your eyes on the splendour of the plants growing in the Reserve, as it is superfluous to load your memory here with the Latin names of the respective plants, instead of fully enjoying the multicoloured spell that will unfold before your eyes. As part of the Prejmer Cultural Tour, you can also visit this special reserve.

The fauna here is diverse, represented by several species of large and small mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs and a wide variety of insects. Some of these animals are protected at European level, or are on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The reason for establishing the nature reserve was to protect biodiversity and maintain the wild flora and fauna of the Olt valley in a favorable state of conservation.

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